About us

Halls Hats has been operating for 20 years.  Starting as a part time venture doing field days, shows, rodeos and special events, then 8 years ago venturing to full time travelling Australia.

The type of products we source

Our primary focus is specialising in Australian made products, from

  • Rugged to stylish genuine cowhide leather crafted products that fit with the Australian lifestyle for durability, go anywhere quality.
  • Our unique Australian crafted kangaroo, emu, ostrich, crocodile products are crafted with the highest quality of leather in mind and sourced under the registered guidelines.
  • Where we can't source Australian made products, we only supply the best quality products we can source from overseas.  Our clothing range for example will only come in cottons, polyesters and wool.
  • Our Australian made socks are made for every one with quality and durability in mind that's made to last. We have merino wool, cotton and bamboo.
  • Our leather belt range is genuine Australian crafted leather made to last!
  • We carry a range of imported bling belts and caps for the country and western lovers, and western shirts, jeans, and accessories.

The kind of customer service we strive for

    We are dedicated to providing excellent, friendly customer service, whether the product is for the customer, or for a present for overseas, we always endeavour to do our very best.