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Back In South Australia

Well its been a couple of busy weeks for our business, crossing the Nullarbor then very busy having to get ready  for the York Peninsula Field Days Cooper Highway Paskeville South Australia. What a great event and worth seeing again in 2 years. While the business was busy doing the field days I got to go back to Victoria for a few days and see the family which was very good, you do miss them when away. But what was lovely when I returned was Maxi our mascot the excitement was very overwhelming for Maxi and I.

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Where We're Off To - August 2017

Yes we’re off!  Leaving Darwin July 30, heading across the top end through Victoria river, some of the most beautiful scenic places in the world to see along the way.  So check us out at the Karratha FeNaCING Festival (Karratha, Western Australia) on the 5th-6th August 2017. And check out the Current Events calendar to see where you can find your favourite Halls Hats At Leather Accessories products in person!

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